Thursday, October 20, 2005
St. Jude!, Oscar or Parrot? I guess Oscar, it’s manlier! <3
St. Jude!

Nothing special really happened to me today. My mom went to St. Jude, it’s her ritual made during Thursdays. She told me to join her days before she heard mass this morning. I’m not sure if I said yes to her, but as days passed, I thought of joining her. However, I was not able to join her because she went off early and I’m so so so so so so…sleepy that time and I couldn’t even open my eyes.

I’m really feeling guilty about not joining my mom in hearing mass. That's why I thought of just cleaning our fish tank to at least diminish my guilt. It was a bit dirty. Okay, it’s totally dirty. It's not even dirty, it's rubbish!

or Parrot? I guess Oscar, it’s manlier!

The tank was too dirty and I might consider calling it sewage than an aquarium.

I say to myself as I take off the glass cover of the tank, “There is definitely a reason why I am doing this. It’s for not going with my mom to hear mass.

Is that merely a sin? It’s not even Sunday or an obligation day. It’s just hearing a Thursday Mass, which I think is not mandated to hear. But I really promised to hear mass today, that’s the sin, the sin of breaking a promise.

I totally cannot remember if I even made a promise. Oh well, I’ll just clean the sewage, errr the fish tank!

Voila! I managed to finish cleaning it after two dreadful hours. Thanks to my Dad, he helped me with the fish tank! He’s always there for me whenever I need him. He’s really one of those best dads and he’s totally cool!

Hey Dad, you might consider letting your son join the ballet class or the school play and let him portray the lovely daffodil. Bah! Hahahah! Love you, PA! <3

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