Tuesday, July 26, 2005
It’s scaring me!

I’m busy this week and the week before this week. I was working for the fashion show of the school, to be held this coming Friday (July 29, 2003). I truly have no plans of taking my subjects for granted, but I have no idea of what’s happening with my grades. I never had failing subjects. I always get high grades. I might sound really conceited, but I aim truly high for myself. I’m in the dean’s list if I may say.

I guess I’m just busy with my extra-curricular activities that’s why I’m not doing well in my course, particularly my programming subject. Honestly, I hate programming, but I’m really trying my best to cope with it. I’m scared because I’m getting a failing grade in that subject. I don’t know what to do. I’ll just keep you posted with what might happen. Hopefully, I pass!

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