Tuesday, June 07, 2005
I’m a leader and it’s official.

I’ve attended the “Student Leadership Training & Planning” which was held at San Juan Batangas last May 29-31, 2005. It was one of the most memorable activity in which I’ve attended. Besides learning the responsibilities of a leader, I’ve also learned the significance of socialization. Before the training and planning, I was never a fan of interacting with other people. It was always, “Maybe I could just stay at home and do the things I usually do”. I was really the reserved type of person before. But now, I’ve realized that socializing with other people is really entertaining. The people who I don’t really talk to were the people who became really close to me.

I know I’ve always been leading the group when I was in high school. Yet I know that this leadership training I’ve attended is way different from the leadership training I’ve had when I was in high school. This time, it’s not only for the class’ sake, but for the school’s.

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I would really regret it if I didn’t join the training! There were really tons of cute students involved. There was this crush of mine who just asked my mobile number. After him asking my number, I then immediately asked myself. "Is he my prince charming? Is my dream coming true?" Ewww! Hahaha! Ü

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