Sunday, June 12, 2005
Mr. Postman

What’s your favourite game when you were still a kid? Mine was the ubiquitous “Nanay, Tatay”. But when my cousin came from Australia, she taught me a game that was very fun, until now I haven’t forgotten its lines. It’s Mr. Postman. I guess it’s time for me to share the game.

The LYRICS: (Sing the song to the tune of “Nanay, Tatay”)

Postman, postman, do your duty

Here comes the lady with an African beauty
She can do the rainbow
She can do the split
She can do everything just like this...

1, 2, 3…
(Split as you count)


1st: Find a very flexible partner since the game will test one person’s flexibility.
2nd: Try memorizing the lines of the song so that you’ll not be holding any paper when you start the game.
*Here comes the fun part...
3rd: Face your partner then sing the song at the same time. When reach the counting part.
Try to split your legs as you count.
4th: The first person to retire loses the game. The winner will then give a consequence to the loser. (You could also bet for money to add more fun to the game!)

There you go! Have fun! Ü

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