Thursday, July 26, 2007
Wa-poize! Ring the alarm for Beyonce!

Why oh why? What happened to Is Sasha?

The first time you fell off the stage, your recovery was priceless, but this time I can’t even contain myself. I burst into laughter!

Let’s identify the plausible grounds of her humiliation.

Cause #1: There was too much presence of Is Sasha on stage to the point that she head banged after falling!

Cause #2: The red trench coat she wore was originally made for Tyra. Remember Tyra’s 3 or 4 inches taller than Beyonce.

Cause #3: She was so excited to finish the concert and have dinner with Jay-Z.

Cause #4: She intentionally tripped off the stage to prove that she’s still beautiful even with a bruised face!

Okay! Cause no. 3 and 4 weren’t plausible at all!

By the way, here are some artists’ mishaps! The best was Shakira’s!

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