Saturday, October 22, 2005
Form 138: Student Slaughterer!
I just got my course card yesterday. I was so shocked when I saw my course card grades especially in PROGRAMMING and DATABASE! I passed! Yeepee! After all the pain sufferings! I managed to pass this first semester. Although, my grades are low, (they’re not low, they’re only passing) I still am ecstatic about them. If only you knew how I underwent those sleepless nights, those I’m-still-full-and-I’m-gonna-eat-later lunches and dinners, and those I-think-I’ll-pass-for-now night outs. You’ll understand how it was for a student like me to survive a semester of the course I really don’t and couldn’t appreciate!

Gawwd, thinking of the things I missed makes me wanna do them all at the same time. I wanna go out with my friends and have fun with them all night, I wanna eat a lot and think of nothing save for food, and I wanna sleep like Sleeping Beauty.

Anyway, these are my course card grades. You can make fun of my grades all you want, for all I care! Hehehe

(just click on the photo to see my grades)

Oh, I haven’t yet got hold of my Theology card it’s because of my very very very industrious professor. He had so many things to do and he forgot to pass our cards on to the registrar's office. It’s nothing new to me! Bah!

By the way, I have something to boast.


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